4 Thrive Oil




Perhaps one of the most popular oil blends in aromatherapy, 4 Thrive Oil is a perfectly balanced blend of Lemon, Rosemary, Clove and Eucalyptus Oils. Based off the time-old concoction known as “Four Thieves Vinegar,” 4 Thrive Oil has a rich history of use dating back to the Dark Ages in Europe. The oils in this popular blend carry cleansing properties, making it a natural, chemical-free alternative to store-bought toxic household cleaners.

Please Note: Blended oils may separate. Shake well before use for even mixture.

Strong. Spicy and earthy, with notes of licorice.

Uplifting and energizing. Helps cleanse negative emotions and ease feelings of fear and doubt.

All essential oil blends are for aromatherapy use only and are not for ingesting!