Abroma Augusta


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Abroma Augusta

Product Description
Abroma Augusta MT is used for albuminurea, sleeplessness, diabetes mellitus, diabetes insipidus and debility. The root and the sap are uterine tonic and emmenagogue, with black pepper given in congestive and neuralgic dysmenorrhoea, and amenorrhoea, either given a week before or during menstruation. It is a valuable substitute for Hydrastis, Viburnum and Pulsatilla. There is a growing evidence for its hypoglycaemic effect both in vivo and in vitro.

Take 3-5 drops of Abroma Augusta Dilution in half cup water three times a day or as directed by the physician.

“Eyes, ear, nose
Eyes get easily tired and watery; paleness of the conjunctiva; burning in eyes with vertigo.
Redness and swelling of eyelids, worse night, better daytime indicates Abroma Augusta.
Sneezing several times, yellowish white nasal discharge with sneezing indicates Abroma Augusta.
Mouth and Throat
Excessive thirst, drinking does not relieve it indicates Abroma Augusta
Frequent desire to drink liquids; insatiable thirst; lips dry and pale
Drinking of liquids relieves throat symptoms temporarily.
Stomach and abdomen
Desire for sweets; burning thirst; nothing seems to satisfy the hunger.
Feeling of weakness when hungry; enjoys meal well. Frequent desire to eat; a feeling of emptiness of stomach, the food does seem to stay long in the stomach; nausea worse during menses.
Stool and Anus
Constipation, stool brown black, hard, dry, knotty and frothy. Stool passes with straining.
Urinary complaints
Passes urine frequently,large quantity of passage of urine relieves the bladder, increased flow of urine; urgent desire to pass urine; nocturnal enuresis
Male complaints
Soreness of the prepuce caused by the passage of excessive sugar in the urine indicates Abroma Augusta.
Extreme exhaustion after coition; weakness of sexual organs, swelling of testes, hanging of the testes.
Female complaints
Colicky pains in lower abdomen. Menses are irregular, lasting for short or long time. Blood is dark and clotted.
It is either given a week before or during menstruation.
Neck and Back
Dull aching pain in back. Worse after menses, movement, standing, better rest.
Stitching pain in knee joints, worse motion, better rest.
Pain in legs, worse movement, night. Cramping pain in calf muscles, worse straightening the leg, movement, better rest.
Burning in palms and soles is relieved with Abroma Augusta.
Many small boils, worse during summer months indicates Abroma Augusta.
Abscess with itching. Small vesicular eruptions over whole body, suppurating and tender.
Burning sensation all aver the body; frequent thirst for large quantities of water with dryness of the mouth
Menstruation painful and scanty or profuse indicates Abroma Augusta.
Weakness with loss of weight; pain in whole body worse by movement, better by lying down.”

Safety Information
“safe for children
safe to use during pregnancy
Always keep a gap of 15 minutes before or after meals when you take medicine.
Avoid eating tobacco or drinking alcohol during the course of medication.”

bacterial infections, sleeplessness, general weakness of body and weak memory, absence of menses, painful menstruation, whitish foam


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