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Absinthium Mother Tincture properties as a tonic, stomachic, antiseptic, antispasmodic, carminative, cholagogue, febrifuge and anthelmintic have been established. In phytotherapy, it has also been used to remedy indigestion and gastric pain

3-5 drops 2-3 times a day

“Mind.-After recovery has no recollection of taking the poison, nor of the cause of his doing so.-Forgets what has recently happened.-Insane; idiotic; brutal.-Idiotic manner, doesn’t care whether she dies or not.-Wants nothing to do with anybody.-Frightful visions and terrifying hallucinations.-Stupor alternating with dangerous violence.-Insensible with the convulsions.
Head.-Vertigo; when she rises up; tendency to fall backward.-Confusion in head.-Headache.-Wants to lie with the head low.-Congestion of the brain and spinal cord.
Eyes.-Injected conjunctiva.-Pain in the eyes.-Itching.-Lids heavy.
Ears.-Otorrhoea; esp. after hemicrania.
Face.-Foolish look.-Rush of blood to the face.-Makes grimaces, and foams at the mouth in epilepsy.
Mouth.-Jaws firmly fixed.-Bites his tongue in epilepsy.-Tongue thick, protruding; can scarcely talk.-Tongue trembling; feels paralysed.
Throat.-Scalded feeling in the throat.
Stomach.-Loss of appetite; loathing of food.-Food lies heavy.-Stomach feels cold and oppressed.-Eructations; nausea; vomiting.-Nausea, apparently in region of gall bladder.-Uncomfortable, irritated feeling of stomach.
Abdomen.-Liver feels swollen.-Pain in spleen; it feels swollen.-Bloated around waist and in abdomen, as after ague.-Immense accumulation of flatulence in abdomen; wind colic.
Urinary Organs.-Constant desire to urinate.-Urine deep orange, of a strong smell, like horse’s urine.
Female Sexual Organs.-Pains in uterus.-Darting pain in right ovary.-Chlorosis.-Promotes menses.
Respiratory Organs.-Cough with liver complaint.
Heart.-Tremor of the heart felt toward the back.-Heart thumps; can be heard in scapular region.”

Safety Information
Avoid during breastfeeding and pregnancy keep out of reach in children

Clinically it is used with dose-restrain in epileptiform seizures, tremors, giddiness, nervous excitement, sleeplessness, cerebral irritation, and hysterical and infantile spasm. It is known to expel worms, but habitual use of large doses may cause convulsions, insomnia, nausea, nightmare, restlessness, tremors and vertigo


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