Black Cherry Oil




From jams and pies to flavoring and more, the impact of black cherries on American culture is far-reaching and timeless! Black Cherry Fragrance Oil captures the strong, tart aroma of these classic fruits, instilling the delight of a fresh bucket of ripe cherries each time you open the bottle. Use this fruit’s robust, succulent aroma in your soap, candle and body care products to brighten up the day for anyone who uses them!

Please Note: Blended oils may separate. Shake well before use for even mixture.

Strong, deep aroma, like the bold tart-sweetness of fresh cherries

Prunus serotinais a woody tree native to eastern North America. It can reach a height of 80 feet and surpass an age of 150 years, and its cultural impact on Native Americans—especially those who resided in the Catskill region—has earned the black cherry tree an important place in history. Not only would these people enjoy the fruits of the black cherry tree, but also use the bark and wood for a variety of reasons. After once being considered as no more than a sub-standard mahogany, black cherry wood is now considered one of the most valuable wood product species in North America.

All essential oil blends are for aromatherapy use only and are not for ingesting!